KM barcamps are catching up in the Gearman-speaking region

After Germany – with the gfwm KnowledgeCamp (gkc) started in 2009 – very recently Austria has also it’s barcamp on Knowledge Management – the wissenscamp Graz.

A barcamp is an unconference, an alternative conference format to the traditional academic, presentation-driven conferences, where researchers present their work. It is a parcticipant-driven open workshop-event where the participants provide the content. In general entrance is free…

In Germany the German Knowledge Management society – the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement e.V. (GfWM) – established the first barcamp on Knowledge Management last year – the gfwm KnowledgeCamp (gkc). With almost 100 participants and 40 sessions the gkc was successfully held in October 2009 at the University of Karlsruhe. This year the „great self-experiment“ will continue at the University of Passau, also in October. jaegerWM will be there, too – as participant and leader of one or two sessions.

This May, more precisely this weekend :-), the first Austrian barcamp on Knowledge Management – the wissenscamp Graz – will take place as a part of the barcamp Graz (4 BarCamps in 1) in beautiful Graz. The wissenscamp is organized by the Plattform Wissensmanagement (PWM), the major Austrian community on Knowledge Management.

„I learned never as much, as on this BarCamp“ (participant of the gkc’09)

So what does this mean? Will unconferences replace academic conferences in the long run?

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