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Zum dritten Mal findet nun schon das Global Drucker Forum in Wien statt. Termin ist der 3.-4. November und Gastgeber die Drucker Society of Austria. Das Forum widmet sich den Ideen von Peter F. Drucker (*1909 in Wien; † 2005 in Claremont), einem der wirklichen Vordenker und Visionäre in den Bereichen Management & Gesellschaft. Drucker war es auch, der den Begriff des Wissensarbeiters eingeführt hat und damit maßgeblich zu der Entwicklung von Wissensmanagement als Managementdisziplin beigetragen hat.

Vor allem aus diesem Grund möchte DACH KM das Wirken von Peter Drucker auch über seinen Tod hinaus fördern und ünterstützt deshalb die Drucker Society of Austria als Netzwerkpartner beim Global Drucker Forum. In diesem Zusammenhang wird auch demnächst ein DACH KMer die Gelegenheit erhalten, kostenfrei am Global Drucker Forum teilzunehmen.

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Die Drucker Society und das Forum in Wien

Mission der Drucker Society of Austria: "Facilitating an ongoing dialogue between management practitioners, academics and other stakeholders to further user centric innovation in management based on Peter Drucker’s legacy with focus on effective management and ethical leadership". Key themes will be addressed such as – priorities will be determined by input from the members

  • Management as the vital organ of a functioning society
  • The responsibility gap
  • Knowledge work and Knowledge Worker Productivity
  • The Entrepreneurial Society
  • Driving Innovation in the 21st Century

Ultimately the Peter Drucker Society should contribute to broad based change in Management culture by influencing behaviours and attitudes in the direction of good and sound management practices. Its success will be measured by its impact in this field.

In this context a particular focus will be placed on the young generation and on ways to familiarize future generations with Peter Drucker.

Thema beim 3rd Global Drucker Forum: Corporate executives, NGO leaders, representatives from the public sector and other thought leaders will convene in Vienna to discuss how management can regain its legitimacy in society. A significant contingent representing the younger generation—including winners of the Global Peter Drucker Challenge, our worldwide essay contest—will also participate...

The Peter Drucker Forum 2011 will address this subject from three angles:

  • Can managers achieve the squaring of the circle, being torn between the narrow view promoted by Milton Freedman (“The business of business is business”) and the broader view that every organization has some responsibility for the common good?
  • How can mangers discharge their professional responsibilities in today’s world? Is there a common set of tasks and practices? Can the professionalization of management help to find a new balance between society and the bottom line?
  • How is management responsibility and legitimacy viewed in emerging markets? What lessons can they teach the developed world?

The Forum will be structured in half-day segments so that sufficient time will be available for panels and in-depth discussions in breakout sessions.



Boris Jäger

Boris Jäger, DACH KM Newsletterredaktion

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