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Semple, Euan: Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do. A Managers Guide to the Social Web. John Wiley & Sons, 2012. 296 Seiten, ISBN-10: 1-119-95055-4 ISBN-13: 978-1-119-95055-4

Stichworte: Social Web, Social Media


Practical advice for managers on how the Web and social media can help them to do their jobs better

Today's managers are faced with an increasing use of the Web and social platforms by their staff, their customers, and their competitors, but most aren't sure quite what to do about it or how it all relates to them. Corporations Don't Tweet...People Do provides managers in all sorts of organizations, from governments to multinationals, with practical advice, insight and inspiration on how the Web and social tools can help them to do their jobs better. From strategy to corporate communication, team building to customer relations, this uniquely people-centric guide to social media in the workplace offers managers, at all levels, valuable insights into the networked world as it applies to their challenges as managers, and it outlines practical things they can do to make social media integral to the tone and tenor of their departments or organizational cultures.

  • A long-overdue guide to social media that talks directly to people in the real world in which they work
  • Grounded in the author's unparalleled experience consulting on social media, it features eye-opening accounts from some of the world's most successful and powerful organizations
  • Gives managers at all levels and in every type of organization the context and the confidence to make better decisions about the social web and its impact on them


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